About Us

A collective of cre8tives, we are UMOTIV8 Creations & Fashion and our mission is to motivate you to LIVE, LAUGH, AND LOVE WITHOUT FEAR OR HESITATION by creating unique products made with the finest materials and messages. 

Our name is JFAM and we are 8 siblings who range from 4-13 years of age. We design, illustra8, and produce all of our products using various mediums and modalities. So, every image you see is one that was first imagined by JFAM and manifested through hard work and commitment to the highest level of production.

We've decided to do more than support each other. We worked as focused unit to create literature, clothing, and other works of the imagination that educate and empower our community and the world by promoting self-awareness and self-acceptance. Using exclusive designs and the materials that make sense, UMOTIV8 Creations & Fashion's purpose is to INSPIRE YOU TO CREATE YOUR IDEAL WORLD, CONQUER ALL DISHARMONY, AND CRUSH ALL STEREOTYPES by exceeding your expectations and giving you a shopping experience that accelerates your happiness & success!